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Release name Life @ Mirror
Date of release 2009-09-15
Format Album
Recording label Sensorica Music
Catalog number SMCD0009
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Although that this album was written recently it sounds in best traditions of the new age and dream music. Graceful keyboards and classical new age parts making feeling that you are listening to the Jean-Michel Jarre and Michel Cretu (Enigma) collaboration, although these artists have never worked together... So, welcome to the world of “Life at Mirror”...
01Sunday BreakfastTed Irens4:17
02Rain In The ForestTed Irens4:36
03Another Moon NightTed Irens4:36
04Rising StarTed Irens1:58
05Dreamland TripTed Irens3:32
06Northern LightsTed Irens4:35
07Winter's SunsetTed Irens2:39
08Two MountainsTed Irens3:38
09Living In CloudsTed Irens5:10
10Summer EveningTed Irens4:47
11Crystal DriverTed Irens4:02
12RiderTed Irens3:42
13Dancing On The MoonTed Irens1:55
14The CityTed Irens4:17

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