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Release name Beyond Time
Date of release 2013-06-17
Format Album
Recording label Green Morning
Catalog number GM003
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This album contains unreleased tracks that have been written by the author throughout his musical career. In terms of style album is quite diverse. In addition to standard styles for Ted Irens - "Ambient" and "Chillout", there is "Acid Jazz", "Electro Breaks" and "House".
01Cosmic VoyageTed Irens9:39
02Flight Through The GroundTed Irens4:07
03Pure AtmoshpereTed Irens4:56
04Frozen TimeTed Irens1:33
05Dark StreetsTed Irens4:03
06Laser Masters On The FloorTed Irens3:25
07Nadson ValleyTed Irens5:41

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